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Section K

To obtain volumes K-1 to K-6 of the MSRP, the following process must be followed.

The AAR recently has developed a process to ensure the security of Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, Section K series Manuals.  Please understand that this requirement is to ensure the safety of the rail system.  The following questions must be answered by the requester and then evaluated by the AAR.  This is to be done prior to enabling the purchase.  Please remit your responses to:  PUBS@aar.com

For requests from North American Railroads, are you working in the railroad’s locomotive, signal and communication or PTC department, then please provide contacts.  If not, please explain the need for the Section K manuals.  Please note that contacts within the railroad will be checked.

For requests from suppliers or service providers (non-railroad), what railroad in North America are you working for? What is the project, and what is your need for the Section K Standard(s)? Please provide documented proof, and contacts at the railroad. Please note that contacts will be checked to ensure they are involved in locomotive, PTC, signals or communications projects. If bidding for a project, provide documented proof, and contacts at the railroad.

The AAR has determined that two specifications, one from K-3 and one from K-5, do not require the security check above. To obtain S-9203, S9203A, S-9203B Automatic Electronic Identification of Equipment Standards, or S-9401 Electronics Environmental Requirements and System Management, choose and click below.


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