2023 Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules - PROTECTED PDF (one program-device license)

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2023 Field Manual of the AAR Interchange Rules - PROTECTED PDF - one program-device license

PROTECTED PDF NOTES: One access license is based on the combination of the user, the device and the program used to access the document. Convenient for searching and receiving updates, but please note, printing and copying is disabled/restricted. Please see our FAQ for more details. Secured web link which requires a web browser to open on any device (desktop, tablet, or mobile). Limited to one user one device; If more than one device will be used, more than one license will need to be purchased. Protected PDF file which requires Adobe Reader or Acrobat to open on a PC or Mac (desktop only) one user/one device.

Issued JAN 1, 2023. Updated AUG 9, 2023.