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On-Line Library of the AAR MSRP

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The MOU Agreement is to notify you of an opportunity which will grant your railroad or company the licensing rights to the AAR Software “On-line System for Access to AAR Manuals of Standards and Recommended Practices (MSRP).”  This on-line tool provides access to the MSRP.  The system is updated by Friday, close of business, of any week where an AAR Circular Letter implements a new or revised MSRP Standard, Specification, or Recommended Practice.  Please note that this is a 12-month license, to be renewed each year on the anniversary of when the agreement is made.  The tool, upon agreement and payment, can be used at all locations of your company.  The 12-month period begins the moment the product delivery link is provided.  Please sign and return the attachment to  You will then be invoiced and provided information.  You can also contact for a demonstration.


  • Section AS Administrative Standards
  • Section A Part I Tables of Content for all MSRP
  • Section B Couplers and Freight Car Draft Components
  • Section C Car Construction Fundamentals and Details
  • Section C Part II Design, Fabrication, and Construction of Freight Cars, M-1001
  • Section C Part III Specifications for Tank Cars, M-1002
  • Section D Trucks and Truck Details
  • Section E Brakes and Brake Equipment
  • Section E Standard S-486 Code of Air Brakes
  • Section E Part II Electronically Controlled Brake Systems
  • Section F Sensors
  • Section G Wheels and Axles
  • Section G Part II Wheel and Axle (Shop) Manual
  • Section H Journal Bearings and Lubrication
  • Section H Part II Roller Bearing (Shop) Manual
  • Section I Intermodal Equipment Manual
  • Section J Specification for Quality Assurance, M-1003
  • Section K Part I Railway Electronics Systems Architecture and Concepts of Operation
  • Section K Part II Locomotive Electronics and Train Consist System Architecture
  • Section K Part III Wayside Electronics and Mobile Worker Communications Architecture
  • Section K Part IV Office Architecture and Railroad Electronics Messaging
  • Section K Part V Electronics Environmental Requirements and System Management
  • Section K Part VI Railway Data Management and Communications
  • Section L Lettering and Marking of Cars
  • Section M Locomotives and Locomotive Interchange Equipment
  • Section N Multi-Level Manual
  • Section S Casting Details
  • Section S Part II Truck Details and Casting Codes
  • Section S Part III Coupler and Yoke Details
  • Section T Interoperable Fuel Tenders for Locomotives